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The Vestal Technologies

Vestal W2O is developing sustainable biological based systems directed to remove contaminants and  provide clean water.

Development and deployment of automated algal photobioreactor (PBR) systems that effectively removes nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) from groundwater.

The PBR uses a consortium of proprietary algal strains that grow to high density at groundwater temperatures (48˚-60˚). 

Lighting and flow rates for high growth rates of algae in the presence of CO2 and groundwater high in NO3-N have been optimized.

The PBR system reduces the carbon footprint though the use of CO2.

Filtration technologies linked to the PBR harvest the algal biomass, which is used for value-added bioproducts.

Algae actively growing in the PBR effectively break down organophosphate pesticides into environmentally-friendly compounds.

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